NjoftimeMedication Importation Procedures // FINA World Championships-Gwangju 2019

Importation of Medical products and equipment

Medicinal products and medical instruments (hereinafter referred to as “medicinal products, etc.”) brought into Korea by the athlete delegations, swimming federations, and any other event
participants for such purposes as treatment of athletes, etc. are eligible for duty-free entry under the condition that the purpose of use is confirmed by the OC.
Please note that the OC will issue confirmation certificates only for the shipped freight and the baggage taken into custody at an airport.

Swimming federations or event participants planning to bringing in medicinal products, narcotics, etc. should fill out the form provided in Appendix 5 and submit it to the OC LOG Team by e-mail (customs@fina-gwangju2019.com) by June 15, 2019 for confirmation thereof.
If the OC issues a confirmation certificate that a medicinal product, etc. imported as freight is for self-consumption, the product will be cleared by customs without requiring other confirmation procedures. Event participants’ medicinal products, etc. for personal use will be cleared through customs without duties and tax payments within the scope of the duty-free allowance per person (USD 600). Any goods in excess of the duty-free allowance will be subject to duties and taxes for customs clearance.

Medical products, etc. designated by the Minister of Food and Drug Safety of Korea to be at risk of misuse or abuse will be held in custody by the customs authorities if the person in possession thereof does not have a doctor’s prescription for the goods in possession.
Such goods may be recovered by submitting a doctor’s prescription for self-treatment issued in Korea.

See Appendix 6 for a list of medicinal products at risk of misuse or abuse designated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, as of April 2019.
Medicinal products, etc. brought into Korea by athlete delegations and other event participants for sale or for purposes irrelevant to the Championships are subject to the regular customs
formalities prescribed by the Korean customs. In this case, the import requirements for medicinal products, etc. (e.g. submission of a standard customs clearance report by the chairman of the
Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association) must be satisfied, in addition to the payment of applicable duties and taxes.

Appendix 5 Form




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